Recommended Directions:

SMARxTY is a set of 9 capsules.

Normal drinking, (we consider a 6 hour window) the first 3 capsules of SMARxTY are taken 30 minutes prior to drinking, another 3 capsules approximately 2 hours later (mid point), and the final 3 capsules upon completion of drinking or before bed.

Day Drinking: Take all 9 at the end.

Bottom line: Sometimes we forget... bottom line is to finish all 9 when you’re done drinking o before you go to bed (or pass out).


Vitamin B1: 

Also known as Thiamine, this little vitamin helps with keeping your nervous system healthy and your cardiovascular functioning at optimum levels. This “anti-stress” vitamin also helps with healthy walls in the digestive tract, eyes, skin, mouth, hair and (our personal favorite) the liver.


Vitamin C: 

 Ah, yes. Who doesn't love some good ole absorbic acid? This is what gives our formula it's super tart flavor. Go ahead, open up a capsule and try it. Fair warning. It's tart! While you do that let us point out that Vitamin C is excellent for your cardiovascular system, skin, eyes and (well known attribute) the immune system.


Magnesium citrate: 

Where do we start with this power house of a vitamim!? We love how it helps absorb calcium thus providing good bone health. However, our reason for carrying Magnesium citrate is because it helps with migraine headaches and... (ladies) PMS. Not to mention that our owner is a heart survivor and loves promoting good heart health!



Of course we want the ELECTROLYTES! Sodium is a key ingredient in SMARxTY. It helps prevent dehydration while drinking alcohol by helping you retain water in your intestinal tract. Sodium is also known for assisting with nerve impulses and muscle contractions thus helping with those aches and pains you normally wake up with after a heavy night of drinking.


SMARxTY Blend:

Ah, yes. We have arrived at the star of this celebration. Our SMARxTY Blend!

Three key ingredients make up this wonderful mix and work in conjunction with all of the above. We have found that function is far more important than fluff.

N-acetylcysteine also known as NAC ("knack") is an amino acid that possess a wide range of health benefits. From it's use as a counteractive to acetaminophen and carbon monoxide poisoning to it's beneficial properties with chronic bronchitis and helping regulate type 2 diabetes, this awesome supplement has locked-in it's respective benefits in the medical world.

For SMARxTY we love NAC's ability to help regulate many cellular functions, including protecting and detoxifying the liver while we put it through the ringer for a night.

Coupled with two other key ingredients, known for their liver protective properties (milk thistle and ginger root), SMARxTY combines all the benefits that nature has to offer for helping you Get Your Mornings Back!