Recommended Directions:

SMARxTY® is a set of 9 capsules.
Normal Drinking, (we consider a 6 hour window) the first 3 capsules of SMARxTY are taken 30 minutes prior to drinking, another 3 capsules approximately 2 hours later (mid point), and the final 3 capsules upon completion of drinking or before bed.
Day Drinking: Take all 9 at the end.
End Game: Sometimes we forget... bottom line is to finish all 9 when you’re done drinking or before you go to bed.


That's a lot of Capsules!!:

Yes, and while we could've saved money by reducing the overall capsule count, we felt it best to provide a quality product that works.

Energy Drinks: 

SMARxTY does not contain the abundance of vitamins that are also included in other supplements or energy drinks.  

But I’ve Tried Other “Hangover” Remedies:

Most hangover cures are just that -- cures. Meaning, you already have the hangover. We focus on prevention. Enjoy today, and tomorrow! 

My Bag Smells Funny:

No, you didn't get a bad batch. Some of the ingredients have a slight odor. We formulated the mix into capsules to help contain this, however, some noses are more sensitive than others. It's normal.